Artwork and Life of Picasso

I am in this class that is on modern art, or whatever the period is that includes Picasso. I get confused about art terms and “post-modern” and all of that. Seems like a bit of nonsense if you ask me. Modern is modern as far as I am concerned. Anyway I have to do this presentation on Pablo Picasso. I want to learn more about him to do a good job. I am checking out a site to learn more about Picasso and it looks pretty promising so far. I know that he was really important in the history of art and that he did a lot of things to bring art into the modern age. I guess you could say that, anyway, I need to learn more about the life of Picasso, as well as some of his more famous works.

I feel like the situations of his life might provide an important insight into some of his works and why they are so famous. I know that he lived through some pretty rough times in Spain, and that probably had a big impact on his work. I am trying to think of the name of the dictator that was in control of Spain during WW2, and before then as well. I know that he came to power significantly before the start of the war, but I can’t remember much about it off of the top of my head.

I just looked it up and his name was Franco. He did not come to power significantly before the start of the war, but rather roughly at the same time as the start of the war. That is pretty interesting, because I had always thought that he had already been in power for awhile when the war started. I guess I was wrong though.