About Us

As one of the biggest wellsprings of unprejudiced, client created travel content on the planet, P-Bridge is the head asset for voyagers looking for an insider’s viewpoint. Genuine travel tips, surveys and photographs from genuine individuals who have really been there and done that; and this is the thing that makes the travel content on P-Bridge so helpful.

What’s more, since each tip on P-Bridge is connected to a part’s profile, with only a tick you can take in more about each member?their age, main residence, travel intrigues, where they’ve been, pastimes, even what they resemble and afterward read about a greater amount of their travel encounters.

On P-Bridge, tips and surveys are sorted out by destination-from Sydney to New York and all over the place in the middle of and afterward into 13 separate classes, as Hotels, Things to Do, Local Customs, Shopping, Tourist Traps and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This makes it simple for individuals to contribute content and for different clients to discover it.

Have an excursion question? Post it in the discussions. Have a particular travel inquiry? Email a part whose tips you like. P-Bridge is a neighborly, affectionate group of individuals willing to help their kindred voyagers.

Imparting genuine travel encounters to different explorers from around the globe… that?s what P-Bridge is about. To take in more, look at 10 Great Things to Do on P-Bridge.

P-Bridge by the Numbers

– 1.2 million enlisted individuals from more than 220 nations and regions

– 1.8 million travel tips on more than 72,977 areas around the world

– 3.7 million photographs

– 90% of gathering inquiries are replied

– Dozens of P-Bridge gatherings happen each week around the world

– 25 P-Bridge relational unions (that we know of!)

– 9 million one of a kind clients every month

P-Bridge’s History

p-bridge.net began in 1999 with a basic goal: Bring individuals together to share their travel encounters, regardless of where on the planet they lived. What’s more, the Internet – still in its early stages in those days – appeared like a perfect stage for individuals to impart their encounters to anybody, at whatever time, and about anyplace.

Despite the fact that the site’s reason was direct, assembling a structure that would permit individuals to contribute boundless travel tips and photographs took a great deal time and cautious building. In any case, when the fellow benefactors began to see a little yet developing number of individuals adding to their new site, it was all justified, despite all the trouble. With every passing day the organizers looked as more travel tips, encounters and photographs showed up on P-Bridge, changing their vision into an undeniably valuable travel asset.

On its feet and developing by the day, P-Bridge was simply picking up energy when the website bubble burst in 2000. Be that as it may, the P-Bridge group declined to surrender. While other Web locales flopped and vanished, the committed P-Bridge group moved the website’s operations into a little Santa Monica loft shared by staff; their confined lounge room would serve as P-Bridge’s central station for the following two years.

Regardless of the frail economy, and P-Bridge’s $0 promoting spending plan, Internet clients were discovering, utilizing and raving about P-Bridge. The expanding number of travel tips and photographs were rapidly surpassing whatever else on the Web. The individuals – now becoming quickly in number- – were sharing their travel encounters, however they were likewise sharing data about themselves, their lives and the places where they grew up; they were manufacturing kinships and sorting out in-individual gatherings. P-Bridge had become past its humble beginnings and into a genuine overall group.

In July 2008, P-Bridge turned out to be a piece of the TripAdvisor Media Group. Today, P-Bridge is one of the biggest, most well known travel research destinations on the Web. New individuals join day by day, while the energetic group keeps on sharing more helpful travel tips, counsel, photographs and encounters.

Fun Fact: p-bridge.net is one of the most seasoned URLs on the Web. In 1994, the web location was enlisted by a graduate understudy selected at the State University of New York in Buffalo. The Web page- – among the first to include clickable maps- – was assembled to show the areas of Internet servers around the globe (there were a considerable measure less in those days) and support trade from Internet fans far and wide. One of the P-Bridge originator’s obtained the name in 1998.